Stone Set Surfacing

Maintaining the grave of your loved ones can be difficult at any time of the year.


Pulling up weeds, replacing chippings due to sinkage and drainage issues are the main problems that arise.




We manufacture and install beautiful and eco-friendly resin bound grave covers.


These can be removed and re-installed whenever needed.


There are many benefits of using our resin bound grave covers, some of which are as follows:

Eco Friendly

Our sub base panels are made from top quality eco friendly materials. Great for the environment while also making sure these gravecovers will not have to be replaced or repaired

Visually Stunning

Our covers are visually stunning and will make any grave look its best. So if you’re looking for a way to improve the appearance of your loved one’s grave, our covers are the perfect solution.

Suitable For Closed Or Open Gravesite

Another great benefit for any gravesite that will ever have to be used again for burial is that we can remove and re-install whenever needed.

No Sinkage

Another system designed using the surrounding borders means any gravecovers we install will not sink (unlike loose stone/chippings)

No Maintenance Guarantee

This installation makes sure that no weeds can get through, no sinkage or drainage issues too means no more maintenance!

Quick And Easy To Install

Because every Gravecover is pre made at our warehouse it is relatively quick and easy to supply and install nationwide.

Strong And Stable Surface

The sub-base and smooth resin bound stone installation on top provides an extremely strong and stable surface. Which makes it much easier to place flowers, wreaths or even tend to the headstone whenever needed.

No Drainage Issues

A major benefit any resin-bound stone instillation is that this product is porous. We have additionally designed a system where any rainwater will not hold or form puddles on top of our gravecovers

No Weeds

Weeds are a common problem with graves, but our covers prevent them from growing. So you can rest assured that your loved one’s grave will be weed-free.

Variety of Colours And Designs

There is a large variety of colours and designs to choose from. This means any gravecover chosen will compliment the headstone and surrounding borders.

What Our Clients Are Saying

Caterine o Brien
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Absolutely 5 Star Work. We Are Delighted With The Work We Had Done, Fabulous Finish!
Patrick Walsh
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Stone Set Surfacing Thank you. Our Grave is looking Beautiful now. Thank You So Much, For Your Help and Understanding. Outstanding Work and People
Michelle Carey
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Highly recommended , Stone Set Surfacing, Brendan and his team, are absolutely brilliant and so professional, They did my Family Grave For Me, Its Perfect, Lovely and so easy to manage now.

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So, let us take the hassle out of maintaining your loved ones’ grave. Contact us today to learn more about our resin bound grave covers or to place an order.